Hello guys. Welcome to official website of the most difficult and frustrating game of Super Mario series “The Unfair Mario.” Believe me guys the you have never played such an unfair game before.

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Hello guys. Welcome to office website of the most difficult and frustrating game of Super Mario series “The Unfair Mario.” Believe me guys the you have never played such an unfair game before.

Reasons Why We Named it Unfair Mario

When we first launch this game and I ask one of my best friend to play as a test. His first reaction after playing this game was “Man this game is totally unfair, no it’s actually very very unfair game.” So we’ve got the idea to named this game as Unfair Mario. The developer got the idea about developing this game when he played another irritating game like this which is known as Cat Mario Unblocked.

Unfair Mario is a flash game developed in late 2010 by John Hawkins. It 2d action-adventure freeware single player video game known to be one of the most challenging in the world. It stages a platform game with Mario. Invisible traps are, in reality, strewn everywhere, so we must remember where they are so as not to lose. The number of lives is fortunately infinite. It is virtually impossible not to die in this Game because no one can have such a great memory.

Why People Like Unfair Mario So Much

The complete game is based totally on a chain of hints and clues and your thinking level. The game play pretty looks similar to the Awesome Nintendo Platform Games primarily based in this Italian-clothed plumber, however, in truth, there may be a manner to die at each turn. There are hidden spikes that pop out of nowhere, the textual content, that information on the screen lies to you and gives you with false records, even the floor falls without delay below you, when ever you try to step there. If you don’t want to play tough games like unfair mario, you should give a chance to clicker games as they are easy to play but very addictive games.

Unfair Mario game has a nice little statistic called the loss of life count that tells you how much time you died. One thing in Unfair Mario game is unfair that it does now not calculates death according to each level however, calculates for the whole game. Some players said they even died for 100 times before they completed first level. Some of them had straight slang language in their review towards this unfair game. A very few reviews with best game but on questioning them that how much they have completed and how much death count they had, all answered on an average on 400+ deaths along with successfully completion of just 5 levels.

Different Between Unfair Mario and simple Super Mario Games

This game shouldn’t be in genre on arcade or fun, but it should be there on “most aggressive games” as you can snatch hairs of your head while dyeing in this game after and after. One of the difference in this game form other Simple and Super Mario is that you have to memorize all the path you went through, you have to memorize where the earth fall down, where that spikes appear & also form where those blocks were week enough to gave you death again. these booby traps give you a lot of frustration and its almost near to impossible to complete this game entirely.

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