Super Mario Bros

How to Play: L/R Arrow: Move – Up Arrow: Jump – Down Arrow: Crouch – Space: Fireballs – X: Hold/Fly/Jump Off
Note: Press SPACE to select a level on the overworld


The predecessors of this game, created for the super popular at some time prefix “dandy” most players did not find. But why not try what makes the older generation of nostalgic smiles and good memories? Here you can use ready-made maps or work on creating your own original. Start with a close acquaintance with the Gumba mushrooms, evil and dangerous creatures. They get along only with turtles Kupami, also a rare pest. To deal with the fungus, jump on top of him. To combat the turtle it does not help – the reptile will hide under its strong shell. But it can be used as a vehicle and trample on enemies.

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